The Perfect Winter Kit for your Car

The Perfect Winter Kit for your Car

Unless you're lucky enough to work from home, you have to be on the road this winter. Throw these weather survival items into your car before you head out.

Snow scraper: A winter must-have. Get one with a brush on one end and hard scraper on the other. Don’t forget to wipe headlights and tail lights, as well as windshield wipers and ALWAYS clear off the roof of your car.

Hand and foot warmers: They're tiny, inexpensive and available almost everywhere in New England. Your fingers and toes will thank you! 

Waterproof matches and a candle: In the chance that your battery dies, you'll need light.

Flash Light: See above...

Sand, cat litter or road salt. All provide traction if you find yourself in deep ice and/or snow. 

Extra mittens, hat and socks. You’ll have extra layers if you unexpectedly have to walk for help — or simply want to stop to admire the sights. It doesn't hurt to keep a pair of winter boots in your car as well.

An extra blanket: Everyone's travel time increases during inclement weather, including tow trucks. Should you be stuck in your car, you'll be happy you have a blanket.

Stay safe out there and don't drive in incliment weather unless you have to. As always, reach out to us for an Auto Insurance Quote today.